Have you completed all the settings? Congratulations, you are ready for starting a campaign. Go to the campaigns page.

Leadreplay campaign system consists of hierarchically organized campaigns and campaign groups.

Firstly, you have to create a campaign group.

An example of campaign group
< Group 1 >

If you’ve created and selected the campaign group then you should create a campaign under created group.

An example of campaign
< Campaign 1 >

Adding email to the campaign

If you will click on “Add email” you will see the three options of the e-mail adding.

  • There is a possibility to write email details such as email, name, lastname, company, country;
  • There is a possibility to drag and drop a CSV to the file field for the automatic showing of parsed emails
  • Then you will need to select proper columns which represent the fields email, name, lastname etc;

An example of dragging and dropping result
< Example >

column #13 is an e-mail and #14 is a name;

  • Now you can paste CSV content to the text field;
  • If you want to delete some emails you can click the “delete” button;
  • The last action is clicking the “save” button.

Write a message

  1. Click the second “Messages” tab;
  2. Write your best original and creative title;
  3. Write the message which will motivate customers to buy your product.

Maybe you need to add an extra message which will be sent later. If so, you should click on “Add message” button and repeat all actions described above. In the title and message you may use email’s fields like email, name, lastname etc;

An example of the message:

Hi <name>
In your  this product is very widely used.
And your  also needs this product.
Mr  feel free contact me anytime
Best Regards,My name

If you are sure that you completed everything related to the campaign creation preparation then click “Start campaign” on the top end your campaign will start. Remember that you can pause the campaign anytime. The company will be paused if you will click the same button.

Campaign’s results and prospecting the customers

You can view all the campaign analytics data after starting. It’s available in the Trackings page of the given campaign.

You can familiarize yourself with e-mails, the time they opened an e-mail, time of clicking to the link, and, of course, the time when they attended the target page. Don’t worry if your site contains only one page and external links, leadreplay will show you external links too.