After you have done all the settings and you are ready to start your campaign

You go to campaigns page.

Leadreplay campaign structure is orginized with campaign groups and cmapaigns under these groups hierarchically.

First you need to create a campaign group

Example here Group1

after creating and selecting campaign group

you create and select campaign under this group

example CAMPAIGN 1

Add emails to campaign

When you click “Add email” it will show 3 options to add email to the campaign

  1. You can write email details as email,name,lastname,company,country
  2. You can drag drop a csv file to the file select field it will automatically show parsed emails
  3. Now you have to select right columns that represents the fields email,name,lastname,company,country
  4. Example i drag and dropped FB campaign result
  5. 13 columns is the email and 14 is the name of the email
  6. You can copy and paste CSV file content to this text field on the rightest side.
  7. You can click delete if you want to delete some emails from the system.


Click the 2nd tab Messages

  1. choose message detae
  2. write your eye catchy message title
  3. write your important message to your customers.

If you want to add extra message and schedule them to another date to be sent click “add message” then you can redo all above to this message sequence

In your message and message title you can use the fields from the email list

such as email,name,lastName,country,company

here is example message

Hi <name>
In your <country> this product is very widely used.
And your <company> also needs this product.
Mr <lastName> feel free contact me anytime
Best Regards,My name

After you make sure you have done everything to setup your campaign

On top near campaign group click “start campaign” to start your campaign

You can anytime pause your campaign by clicking the same button again